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What is IV Nutritional Therapy?


Our skin, despite being soft and smooth, is armour—the barrier we are blessed with to lock the good in and the evil out. Every day, our skin fights to protect us from dangerous germs, chemicals in the environment, and UV rays. And without the right nourishment and care, its wounds from the war will become visible.

Stress, insufficient sleep, hormonal changes, diet, and other factors all have an effect on our skin. But a cunning violator? nutrient shortages. The foundation for glistening, firm, and vital skin is made up of nutrient content like amino acids, biotin, glutathione, vitamin C, and adequate hydration. If you are lacking in one or more of these nutrients, your skin may start to complain.

Deficits persist even with the healthiest diets because nutrients are lost through digestion and liver absorption, which happens even with the best quality oral supplies. In order to repair the body’s vitamin and mineral deficits, intravenous nutrition treatment is one of the most efficient methods. By skipping the digestive system and supplying nutrients straight to the circulation, intravenous (IV) treatments offer nearly 100% bioavailability.

Amino acids Replenish and Regenerate

Leucine is a branch chain amino acid that can be delivered in large quantities by an IV, significantly more than any protein shake. Amino acids are excellent for speeding up the healing process of skin before and after surgery as well as after aesthetic procedures.

Biotin for Maximise Strength

Biotin, sometimes called vitamin B7, is a well-known treatment for hair loss. According to studies, a biotin shortage can cause skin problems, most notably erythematous dermatitis which is flaky and red. Acetyl Co-A carboxylase, an agent that gathers the building blocks for producing fat, is crucial for the moisture and defence of skin, and biotin is required for its activation.


Glow with Vitamin C

The best antioxidant for skin is vitamin C since it boosts your immune system from the inside, avoiding infections while also reducing the deterioration of collagen and ensuring the integrity of the skin. Vitamin C strengthens the blood vessel lining and improves blood flow, which shortens the time it takes for wounds to heal, encourages the growth of new collagen, and lessens capillary permeability and swelling.

Detoxify with Glutathione

Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C, in contrast to our furry friends. Instead, glutathione serves as your body’s natural antioxidant and “internal Vitamin C,” helping to cleanse your liver and get rid of all cellular byproducts.

Glutathione is one of your body’s most important oxidative stress regulators when it comes to anti-aging. Studies have revealed that older people’s red blood cells have lower levels than those of younger control participants. Since glutathione intake is inadequate orally, intravenous delivery is recommended. Many of our IV detox and hangover remedies contain selenium, which is a crucial component for glutathione peroxidase.

Benefits of this Treatments

The following are the advantages of this vitamin injection therapy:

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