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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an established technique used to regenerate lost hair. Our dermatologists utilise PRP as a hair treatment to expedite or enhance the hair restoration process. It is regarded as the most successful method of hair restoration. When androgenetic alopecia, a prevalent disease that results in follicular shrinkage, is the source of hair loss, our skilled doctors generally employ this therapy. PRP is produced and processed precisely from the patient’s blood who will be receiving therapy; it contains a large proportion of platelets in comparison to the overall volume of plasma.

PRP therapy has been successful in accelerating hair growth in patients who are suffering with –
  • Pattern hair loss
  • Alopecia Areata: Round hair loss patches
  • Alopecia totalis, or total hair loss
  • Thinning hair
  • Midlength breakage
  • Premature baldness

Our PRP treatment

The most successful method for restoring and promoting hair growth is PRP therapy. The application of platelet rich plasma (PRP) causes the scalp’s deteriorating skin to thicken and tighten by stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin. By removing wrinkles and fine lines, this therapy restores the skin to its healthy state. Blood platelets, which contain highly concentrated growth and healing elements, have shown to promote the formation of new hair and thicken thinning hair.

Our skin hospital also takes measures in other ways for hair loss treatment like mesotherapy, laser hair growth, growth factors treatment etc

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